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We know how much fun it is to have your own ramp in your own garden or warehouse and how good it is for young riders to have the opportunity to ride “every” day. Imagine having the chance to put skate ramps on your Christmas list! Well we’ve gone and made it a reality for everyone.

To do this we set out to make the costs as low as possible, whilst designing a simple self build ramp kit that feels just like a professionally built ramp when you ride it. The kits are quick and simple to build, with clear instructions. Everything is ready to assemble with just one drill driver. Sizes start at just 2ft high and are perfect for the very beginner.

To be sure the ramps feel good to ride they need to be well built, so we employ the same CAD drawing and CNC machining process that we use on our full scale skatepark construction. This means the machined kit parts have a level of accuracy close to perfection and to ensure the kit is assembled correctly we supply clear 3D illustrated step by step instructions.

Choosing the right ramp kit is easy, we can offer advise based on the users age, their preferred sport, the area you have available and your budget.

We can even supply one of our team to assist with the build, should you need help, or, we can come & build the ramp for you.

DIY Skate Ramp Kit - Self Build Mini Ramp
4ft Self Build Mini Ramp Kit -CNC Recesself Build Mini Ramp Kit -CNC RecessSelf Build CNC Machined Mini Ramp Kit -v.1

Building the ramps is quick and simple if you have a few basic DIY skills. The build will take 1-2 days depending on the size of your ramp and is an incredibly satisfying project to complete.

We are confident this is the most economic way to get your own ramp with a professionally built feel to it.

As with all our work we continue to progress new designs and different kit sizes are being developed to expand the range.

The ramp will need a reasonably level surface. Ideally paving slabs as these give a good solid base. They can be arranged in a small grid pattern, which is less than 30% of that needed for a small shed base. For information on available sizes, delivery times, costs or just helpful advice, contact us by phone or email.

Building your own ramp at home is the next best thing to having Four One Four come and build one for you! We supply full ramp kits flat packed delivered right to your door.

All you need is battery impact driver and a handy person who can follow our step by step buildinstructions.

The kits resemble that of a well known Swedish furniture store but way better in the way that we supply high quality skate ramps, not chipboard wardrobes!

Assembling the ramp yourself means we can cut out the costs of our guys doing the assembly thus bringing the prices right down to just the materials and machining.

The kit will include everything you need, all the timber and steel materials, screw fixings, coping caps and 3D instructions. You won’t need to go out and purchase any other materials!

The ramp kit is made from very high quality Chudo Birch ply with fennol bonded layers. We don’t use any cheaper plywoods in the kits, feel free to take a look online, an 18mm BB/BB grade Birch ply sheet will be £85 – £105 a sheet, depending on quantity. The strength and longevity of this outdoors is far greater than the usual cheaper plywoods. All the 2×4 timber beams we use are pressure treated for outdoor use.

The new 2018 ramp kits come with additional slots machined in the frame, this is to increase airflow which will help the ramp to dry put again after it gets wet. We recommend painting or using a wood preserver on the plywoodparts / surfaces of your ramp on the initial build & every 12 months as you would with outdoor timber items as additional protection etc. We do not provide this as colour in the garden is personal choice.

We can provide a cover for the ramp if you wish, a tarp cover is usually between £65 – £140 depending on the size of your ramp and the quality of the cover. The ramps come in 4ft, 5ft or 6ft wide sections, these can be combined to make any width you require.

The costs of kits for self build, made from Russian Chudo Birch – (Riding Surface Birch Grade BB/BB)

2ft mini ramp

2ft high x 4ft wide ramp – £640 +vat
2ft high x 6ft wide ramp – £755 +vat
2ft high x 8ft wide ramp – £985 +vat
2ft high x 10ft wide ramp – £1,150 +vat
2ft high x 12ft wide ramp – £1,290 +vat
2ft high x 16ft wide ramp – £1,845 +vat

4ft mini ramp

4ft high x 4ft wide ramp -£945 +vat
4ft high x 6ft wide ramp – £1,175 +vat
4ft high x 8ft wide ramp – £1,520 +vat
4ft high x 10ft wide ramp – £1,760 +vat
4ft high x 12ft wide ramp – £1,925 +vat
4ft high x 16ft wide ramp – £2,665 +vat

3ft mini ramp

3ft high x 4ft wide ramp – £865 +vat
3ft high x 6ft wide ramp – £1,130 +vat
3ft high x 8ft wide ramp – £1,390 +vat
3ft high x 10ft wide ramp – £1,570 +vat
3ft high x 12ft wide ramp – £1,690 +vat
3ft high x 16ft wide ramp – £2,339 +vat

5ft mini ramp

5ft high x 4ft wide ramp – £990+vat
5ft high x 6ft wide ramp – £1,190 +vat
5ft high x 8ft wide ramp – £1,670 +vat
5ft high x 10ft wide ramp – £1,865 +vat
5ft high x 12ft wide ramp – £2,150 +vat
5ft high x 16ft wide ramp – £2,745 +vat

Slab Grid Base for Self Build Mini Skate Ramp Kit
Self Build Mini Ramp Kit -0 Profiles

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