Jump Ramps

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Our selection portable jumps are an awesome addition to any event from local fundraisers, corporate events to village fete shows. This is where you’ll see spectacular high airs crossed with fast paced danger to wow any crowd!

Setup and de-rig can be done in just a matter of hours so this equipment is ideal for 1 day or weekend events but also available for long term hire.

Jump Ramp Show

The Jump Ramp Show is where you will see tricks like backflips, tailwhips, 360 & 720 spins, and maybe even the occasional frontflip. All done at a height up to 10 feet above the jump box.

The show comes with a PA system and a great MC to keep the crowd in the picture.

The show can be a mix of BMX, Inline or Scooter and has 3–5 of the UK’s top pro riders.

We are also able to tailor for specific show requests such as ‘BMX Only’, ‘Floodlit Night Demos’, host ‘Mini Contests’ between the riders, such as ‘Big Air Step-Up’ or a game of ‘Van Jump’ to entertain your crowds.

The ‘Jump Ramp’ is also ideal for a media stunt, where riders can pull huge tricks across a gap or over a featured product.

Jump Ramp Show spec

A hardstanding surface is required for set up.

The Jump ramp is available in different sizes.

Sufficient space for run up and landing is required as shown below, depending on size of jump ramp a quarter pipe ramp may need to be used so the riders can gain speed for the jump.

Sports safety netting can be supplied on request

Shows & Public Participation are covered by our liability insurance

2-3hrs to build the entire show area

1-2hrs to disassemble and remove the show area

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