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During the last 15 years Four One Four have been involved in a huge number of contest course builds and event set-ups. We specialise in large scale construction on an event timescale, these have ranged from 1-10 days for completion and 1-4 days for the break.

We understand the design process is a integral part of any contest build. A broad athlete consultation process with detailed 3D & CAD drawing allows us to accurately realise possibilities and carry out a considerable amount of pre-event build preparations in house at our workshop. This greatly speeds up on-site build times and allows us to be more creative with the overall course design.

To be sure we get obstacles riding & skating side just right, members of our crew have the skills to test all parts of the layout during set-up for any fine adjustment needed.

To make the complete solution, we can supply a complimentary range of event equipment

  • Staging / Flooring
  • Backdrop
  • Podiums / Trophies
  • Fencing
  • Seating
  • Branding Stencils
  • Sound / Light / Vision

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